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Blue Prism is synonymous with Intelligent Automation. In a connected enterprise, Intelligent Automation unlocks value out of business processes through no-code automation.

Intelligent Automation is a combination of robotic process automation and artificial intelligence/machine learning and this is one of the key differentiators of Blue Prism. Blue Prism’s RPA implemented by MSRCosmos gives you access to expanded repository of tools for building and delegating automations.

Intelligent Automation Services


Design Studio

  • Drag-and-drop process automation building
  • Reuse “objects”—the events and actions that build a process—across the business
  • Updates to objects and processes are made once and saved throughout the library


Digital Workforce

  • Autonomous software robots
  • Clever technologies that mimic and learn business processes like humans
  • Equipped with AI capabilities and our growing library of intelligent automation skills


Control Room

  • Assign processes to digital workers
  • Scale task and digital worker volume on-demand
  • Real-time transparency of process proficiencies


Road to becoming a Smart-Data-Driven-Enterprise


Infographics - What's the link between data-quality and impactful business insights?

Case Study

Delivered a comprehensive GIS-based data analytics solution to ensure effective real-time communication between decision-makers, support teams, and commoners.

Client is the State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) of a south-eastern state of India.

Case Study MSRCosmos provides state-of-the-art application development support to boost operations for a financial services provider in India

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