Deliver The Technologies That Fuel The Enterprise

Our expertise sets us apart. While tools continue to change, MSRCosmos’ culture of skill development, experience and service are timeless.

Partner with a team that can fill in the resource gaps, support your core solutions, pave your path to the cloud, and grow with you. MSRCosmos supports a broad range of solutions and technologies, with deep experience and far-reaching expertise.

Modernize and grow while keeping your focus on your core solutions

  • support-digital Support digital transformation: MSRCosmos stands out with deep expertise in planning and successfully executing the implementation of enterprise-scale solutions from the world’s leading providers, including SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAS.
  • DevOps Meet the Big Data challenge: Founded by SAP & cloud veterans, MSRCosmos partners with Microsoft, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MapR, Red Hat, SAP and MongoDB to access, ingest, and aggregate Big Data from all sources and to deliver actionable, real-time analytics.
  • mobile apps Streamline the journey to the cloud: Keep your teams empowered and aware with ubiquitous access to cloud-powered functionality and data, consumed via any device, 24/7. We’re here to support your evolution to cloud-enabled data and infrastructure management, resource optimization, business continuity, HA/DR, and enterprise solutions.

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