Certified Oracle consultants to design, implement, and manage your Oracle applications

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How confident are you that your Oracle enterprise applications are running in the best environment?

Trust your Oracle environment to MSRCosmos

Custom Architecture

We design and build solutions to meet the specific needs of each client. Your solution may need to change as often as your business demands it.

Operations and Monitoring Assistance

Put a team of certified Oracle experts to work monitoring the infrastructure that runs your Oracle applications. We will apply experience and best practices to ensure the performance, reliability, scalability, and security of your Oracle applications.

Maintenance and Support

Whether you’re using Oracle technologies to simplify business processes, improve the experience of your customers, or gain insights from data, we’ll ensure that your solutions deliver with the reliable performance you need.

Why Choose MSRCosmos as your Oracle partner

We invest in our Oracle know-how. As an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner and a go-to-market partner for Edge Applications, we stay plugged into Oracle’s product suite.


Trust your Oracle environment to MSRCosmos

  • Comprehensive Oracle-centric service offerings
  • Oracle Domain expertise
  • Reduction on upgrade overhead by an average of 30%
  • Round-the-clock production support
  • Improved productivity and accuracy through automation

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