Leading Food Manufacturer Avails Opportunities Of The Public Cloud With Microsoft Azure


Leading Food Manufacturer Avails Opportunities Of The Public Cloud With Microsoft Azure


About the Customer

The client is a leading manufacturer of food & beverage in the US, with over 2,000+ employees working at their different facilities and centers. They have a global presence in more than 100 countries.

The Challenge

The client wanted to discontinue their dependency on their on-premise data centers and wanted to shut down the existing 3 data centers. Therefore, the client decided to embrace the public cloud for its various benefits. They kickstarted the technology transformation program with the objective to migrate all their enterprise workloads into a single cloud environment.

A high degree of complexity was posed during the migration journey due the heterogeneous composition of the on-premise infrastructure. While the company was prepared with a variety of solutions in place throughout their locations, for support: from fully outsourced external data centers, to production plants and internally managed data centers, but was unsure of the expertise the project would require.

The client, therefore, sought a solution partner who could manage the complexity of the transition and at the same time ensure smooth migration to the cloud. The task required an impressive amount of expertise to migrate a workload of hundreds of operating systems instances (Windows, AIX) and database instances (MSSQL, Oracle), nearly 120 TB of storage, and more than 60 applications.

Solution & Benefits

MSRcosmos was consulted as we belonged to the Microsoft Gold Partner Network. Our team, leveraging its proprietary methodology and best practices, ran a 3 months long assessment & planning and prepared the cloud foundation on Azure to host the workloads. We then migrated according to a 5 waves plan encompassing an elapsed of 6 months. The waves leveraged Azure Migrate, IAAS, and Data Migration Assistant technologies to address the needs of Lift & Shift and Replatform.

With the adoption of Microsoft Azure, the company is now taking all the advantages and opportunities enabled by the public cloud:

  • Infrastructure innovation with ease of management granting scalability
  • Improved reliability and security with geographical disaster recovery
  • Increased agility and speed owing to the Infrastructure-as-Code automation
  • Reduction of energy consumption and carbon footprint, due to high efficiency of Azure Datacenters

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Automotive Manufacturer Improves Its Resources Management With Microsoft Azure


About the Client

The client is a global automotive manufacturing and supplier company based in the USA. They are dedicated to delivering mass-production solutions for heavy vehicles and locomotives.

The challenge

The client had been experiencing a lag in its ICT internal programs and initiatives lately, they decided to work on resource allocation to increase the efficiency of their overall IT projects. This would enable the identification of the best-fitting resources and allow them to manage budgeting easily within a short time frame and with considerable granularity. Moreover, it would simplify the monthly closures checks and approvals process and enable them to quickly finalize it and feed the final balances timely to corporate financial reporting systems.

After assessing different market solutions, the client decided that roping in a solution partner with expertise in Azure would be the best option to address their specific requirements. MSRcosmos was the clear winner for its value-based pricing.

The solution

MSRcosmos started with an initial process assessment and derived outcomes that identified key steps, potential sources of inefficiency, and the end-users desired experience. We then explained to the client how Microsoft Azure with its extended PaaS module would be the right choice to develop the solution and went ahead with the implementation post consent.

The solution now provides different tools to simplify the collection of information and report production, minimizing the impact of deploying the application to a wide audience of users.

The application front-end is based on the latest web technologies and the reports are produced directly in Microsoft Excel thanks to a Web Adding.


The shift to Microsoft Azure now provides architectural robustness, and other several business benefits, such as:

  • Efficient and effective resource allocation process;
  • Modernized user experience, simple to use and navigate;
  • Timely dissemination of information;
  • Recovery solutions with central data storage – data backup;
  • Simplified information sharing with other company systems.

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