Dev-Ops for Business Growth?

As more organizations realize the benefits of DevOps, we’re seeing a paradigm shift in how the IT business community harnesses DevOps to ensure efficient and timely delivery. A DevOps anchored model holds much promise in the future for business enterprises of all types, regardless of the dependency business operations have on their IT infrastructure. What… Continue reading Dev-Ops for Business Growth?

Automated Partner Vendor Management Platform for a Global Tech Giant

Client: A Fortune 50 U.S.-based technology giant powering both consumer and enterprise technologies. Background: The ever increasing digitalization of business operations across industries globally results in a high demand for datacenters in all corners of the world. Our client is one of the leading players in datacenter services and its business was growing exponentially –… Continue reading Automated Partner Vendor Management Platform for a Global Tech Giant

Data Lake Failures: How to Avoid

A data lake is a single source of information for business users that stores enterprise-level data that is used by various functional units. Therefore, whenever that flow of information from an enterprise data lake is interrupted, the impact across the organization can lead to costly business disruption. Data lake failures are generally of three types:… Continue reading Data Lake Failures: How to Avoid


Client: A US-based biotech/pharma company with operations across the entire North American region with revenues of over $1 billion. Challenge: ‘Innovate or perish’ seems to be the undercurrent driving most modern business endeavours. Bio-pharmaceutical and biotech companies are no different; they are investing and focusing a great deal on research and product innovation. Our client’s… Continue reading Bio-Pharma