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Modernization and migration for the new age

  • Re-hosting – often called “lift and shift”, we migrate your existing applications to the cloud to meet business requirements. We can then modernize and scale in the cloud.
  • Re-platforming – Many clients find that the migration process offers the perfect time to re-platform legacy applications.
  • Re-purchasing – MSRCosmos can support the ETL involved when clients want to move from a legacy, on-premises application to a completely different SaaS solution.
  • Re-architecting – If, during our assessment process, you discover that it makes more sense to reimagine how the application is architected and developed, we can work with your requirements to build better agility and scalability

Starting with a proof-of-concept will answer questions quickly, identify gaps and give a good estimation of the task ahead. After migrating non-critical applications and validating back-up / restore processes, we work to migrate core infrastructure components. Then we tune, enhance, and optimize.


Optimum performance of core solutions means optimum enterprise support

At MSRCosmos, we utilize best‑in‑class in-house and third‑party tools covering cloud assessment and application migration as well as hybrid cloud governance and management.

Key business outcomes:

  • Greater enterprise agility
  • Reduced time-to-market for new offerings and team solutions
  • Lowered costs for application maintenance and technical support
  • Freeing-up of in-house IT resources to focus on core solutions and business needs.


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