Enabling Digital Transformation With SAP on Cloud


Enabling Digital Transformation With SAP on Cloud


About Customer

A leading American supply chain firm that creates world-changing technology solutions.

The Challenge

The customer experienced challenges with its on-premise enterprise SAP production system workloads. The firm was unable to scale to changing market requirements and respond faster to their consumer needs. The existing on-premises IT environment created constraints in terms of flexibility and responsiveness to the growing business needs. They wanted an agile, secure, cost-efficient, and scalable IT enterprise environment that could address these challenges. They consulted MSRcosmos, a Microsoft Gold partner with SAP on Azure Advanced specialization, to help migrate their on-premise SAP production system workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

MSRcosmos’ Approach

Without much delay, MSRcosmos’ IT team got into action. After demonstrating two mock-ups and obtaining backups of the existing systems we migrated the customer’s mission-critical production system workloads to Microsoft Azure. MSRcosmos using its innovative service delivery model and SAP Cloud Assessment and Transformation framework implemented an effortless migration to Azure.

During the initial phase, our team looked after coordination between various program stakeholders, which included IT solution architects and OS, support teams. MSRcosmos’ strategic partnerships with Microsoft and SAP and domain and transformation capabilities, enabled standardization and modernization of the customer’s IT infrastructure with a digital core while ensuring business continuity.

Promise Delivered

MSRcosmos’ service delivery model and SAP Cloud Assessment and Transformation framework ensured a disruption-free migration to the cloud. Transitioning SAP applications to the cloud gives the firm a digital foundation to 1. deepen its business insights, 2. unlock new opportunities, and 3. build new business models.

Benefits and Outcome

The migration resulted in the following benefits-

  • Implementation of automation resulting in a reduction in manual effort by 40%
  • 30% reduction in SAP infrastructure maintenance spend annually
  • Improved availability and performance of the IT environment with the ability to scale
  • Strengthened compliance with information security standards

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